Sovereign Court Phase 2 Multi Storey Car Park Demolition is progressing well!

Sovereign Court Phase 2 multi storey car park demolition is progressing well and on programme.

Phase 2 kicked off in May 2016 with the erection of a protective scaffold encapsulating three elevations including London Underground (5m from a live rail line), followed by the removal of notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos including the unforeseen presence of further asbestos which was managed and removed efficiently.

Remote control (Brokk) machinery was employed to remove the external panels on the elevation adjacent to live railway line. There followed the steady, safe and methodical demolition of the car park itself using a wide range of machinery including a 450 high reach Komatsu, 2 no Komatsu 350’s, Hitachi 350, Komatsu 240 and more.

Our experienced Contracts Manager, Site Manager and site team followed a predetermined demolition schedule, established with our Engineering colleagues, which divided the car park into four sections, working to bay numbers and gridlines.

We are now 85% complete on the multi storey car park demolition with the final scope of works – the temporary propping for the retained pedestrian link bridge – due to start imminently.