Sovereign Court Demolition Flyover Video

Whilst filming on-site at our Sovereign Court Project in Hammersmith, DDS Demolition captured this fly-over shot of the project from a man-riding crane suspended from our on-site Tower Crane. A full video case-study will be produced on completion of the project which wall include a variety of different footage, including that from our project-length time-lapse.

Sovereign Court is a two-phase demolition project for St George West London. The first phase is to demolish the a section of the Kings Mall multi-storey car park (whilst leaving the other half live for public use) and the Demolition of the West 45 shopping centre using a top-down Methodology. The second phase will see DDS return to site to demolish the remaining section of the multi-storey car park once St George have completed the first phase of their build programme.

As the video demonstrates the project poses a number of challenges due to it’s city location, including ongoing liaison with London Underground and a just-in-time delivery and waste-collection system.