Richborough Power Station Demolished!

After months of hard work and preparation from all the parties involved, the Cooling Towers and Chimney at Richborough Power Station were successfully demolished at 9am on Sunday 11th March, perfectly to schedule.

Thousands of spectators turned out to see the event and to show their support, it was great to see so much local interest and we would like to pass our thanks on to those who attended and followed the instructions issued to them by the DDS Marshall’s and Personnel.

The event was attended by numerous press bodies, including the BBC, ITV, Sky News, The Sun as well as various local press personnel.

In addition to the above short video documentary seen above, DDS Demolition have commissioned a short video feature on the explosive demolition project, which will include exclusive unseen film including some fantastic Slow Motion footage. Please click here to watch this demolition video.

The blowdown of the 300ft Towers and Chimney were the last structure’s to be demolished on site as part of a demolition contract that has lasted nearly a year. DDS will remain on site over the coming weeks to raze the Cooling Tower legs to the ground and clear the blowdown arisings.

“The project marks continued progress by DDS Demolition in the industrial sector” commented Managing Director, Wesley Ray.

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