Institute of Demolition Engineers

DDS have enrolled our first member of staff, Jay Preece (Operations Manager), in the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE).

The IDE is an affiliate of the Engineering Council, specialising in the Demolition. It exists to promote and foster the science of the industry through the promotion of safer and more efficient techniques as well as providing a qualifying body for the industry.

“It’s something we’ve been considering for a long time” commented Operations Manager, Jay Preece “but it’s only been more recently that we have felt that the service that the IDE provides and our own business requirements have been aligned.”

Gaining Membership to the IDE is obtained through three stages of vetting: an application form, an exam paper, and an interview. This membership has to the been maintained through the acquisition of CPD points, which are gained through contributing to the institute through attendance to events, writing white papers etc.

“We are always looking for new and effective ways to progress and develop our workforces skill, knowledge and abilities” said Managing Director, Wesley Ray “When we closely considered what enhancement the IDE could offer to some of our management team, we realised that it was something that we should be implementing into our training programme at a senior level. We are looking to progressively enroll selected members of management in the coming months.”

Jay Preece attended his first IDE event last week at the Demolition Expo in Birmingham.