Blog Post: Demolition within a Residential Area

Demolition within a residential area is never going to be popular. We acknowledge that a persons’ home is their sanctuary. When they drive along the road and see the hoarding being erected, we can empathise with that impending feeling of dread.

If all Contractors can employ this empathy, it would make the necessary development within the residential area far more bearable for those living close to the action.

To put the necessity into perspective, the number of new homes required in England is upwards of 240,000 per year (some say in excess of 340,000 even).

Despite the additional cost involved for a Developer to build on a brownfield site (which includes many factors including asbestos removal, demolition and even contaminated land) the target is now for Developers to re-use existing, defunct, derelict sites that are no longer fit for purpose as opposed to building a new development on green belt land.

Typically, some of these brownfield sites will be situated within or nearby to residential areas. It is, unfortunately, inevitable.

What remains within the Developers control – and therefore their Subcontractors control also – is the way in which the necessary works are executed.

There is an infamous yet blasé expression commonly used within the demolition industry:

“ You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”….

When it comes to demolishing a structure nearby to peoples homes however, consideration and preventative measures need to be implemented to reduce the effects of those eggs breaking.

There are many preventative and considerate measures that can be put into place precluding and during demolition within a residential area. DDS has extensive experience of such a situation on all scales, large and small. We have proposed and demonstrated innovative and effective thoughtful solutions. As a result, we regularly leave our sites with letters of appreciation from the residents.

The client, the residents, the nearby nursery, the live bus route – all manner of potentially affected parties within residential areas appreciate that we have a job to do.

In return and in mutual respect, we appreciate that when you are demolishing a structure, the key is how you do it!