DDS Project Round Up – February 18.

Year after year, DDS Demolition and DDS Environmental successfully complete a myriad of projects including industrial demolition, high reach demolition, super high reach and more.

To summarise our plethora of recently completed projects and recently commenced projects, we will periodically provide a snapshot of various contracts to reassure our current and prospective client base of our capabilities:

DDS Demolition

2 no Multi Storey Car Parks – Top Down Demolition

2017 saw the completion of a (previously referenced) interesting and innovative demolition of 2 no multi storey car parks within a busy Port which had to remain operational throughout the entire 48 week programme. We will be producing a video case study imminently of this technically challenging  project…….watch this space!

Steel Mill – Super High Reach Demolition

The former Steel Mill became one of our largest physical contracts of 2017. Already experienced in large scale industrial demolition from previous projects such as Paper Mills and Power Stations, the sheer scale of the Steelworks Melt Shop and ancillary buildings as well as the nature of the structure made this project both interesting and notable in DDS history. Needless to say, such a project is also in the throes of a video case study which we look forward to publishing in the near future.

Slough Library – High Reach Demolition

Situated within a busy town centre location with tight confines on all elevations surrounded by a busy highways network, offices and residential housing, DDS appointed a suitable site team with similar experience to execute this highly visible demolition which completed in 2017. Utilising our high reach machines, our experienced machine operators steadily razed the extremely robust structure safely and effectively. For full details, see the Case Study on the website.

Tower Block in North London – Super High Reach Demolition

2018 sees the continuation of a 30 week programme to demolish a 16 storey tower block within a densely populated area of North London via high reach and super high reach demolition. Our maiden project with a new client, all eyes are on DDS Demolition and our capable, safe and efficient site team.

Former Prison, Kent – Mechanical Demolition

The project is now in full flow following the asbestos removal by DDS Environmental at the end of 2017. With tight confines and an even tighter programme, the Komatsu 290 machines on site are working intelligently to deliver a successful, timely completion.

DDS Environmental

Multiple Council projects – Asbestos Management and Removal 

2017 saw the established relationship with a long standing Borough of London Council continue to blossom and influence new relationships with other boroughs. The asbestos management and removal across numerous council owned properties within one of Londons largest boroughs included 10 tower blocks, a town hall, civic centre and numerous residential properties.

Cathedral – Asbestos Removal

Throughout 2017 we also maintained our long term relationship with a Cathedral in which we diligently and safely removed the AIB (Asbestos Insulation Board) firebreak panels within the roof voids whilst the Cathedral remained a live and working tourist attraction. We continue into 2018 removing further asbestos identified in the Cathedral grounds.

Housing Association, Kent – Asbestos Removal

DDS Environmental were appointed by an independent housing association to remove AIB ceilings and pipe lagging throughout the basement of a property of multiple occupancy. We procured the contract based on the level on confidence inspired, quality and transparency of our bid as opposed to being the cheapest option.

Tower Blocks, London – Asbestos Removal

2017 saw the completion of 5 x 5 storey blocks of flats containing various licensed and non-licensed asbestos containing products.

2018 sees the continual asbestos removal within the 16 storey tower block erecting over 160 enclosures (10 per floor) with 2/3 floors in operation at any one time.

Cinema – Asbestos Removal

Our most recent contract award pertains to the removal of asbestos sprayed coating across 350m² wall space surrounding a main screen within a Cinema. Utilising licensed scaffold, the hazardous material will be removed under fully controlled conditions using a wet strip injection system over the course of 6 weeks. The contracted works also includes the installation of a Gypliner Grid System, acoustic installation and sound boarding to reinstate the acoustic properties removed during the asbestos removal.