DDS get Mini Turbo Charged!

DDS Demolition is always keen to support young talent and we are especially proud to be sponsoring 6 year old Alfie Howland who began competing in his own Go Kart last year.

Whilst most children are dreaming of becoming a superhero, teacher or maybe a policeman/woman when they grow up, a 5 year old Alfie not only dreamed of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton, he started to make the dream a reality.

Following in his idols footsteps, fear and trepidation didn’t even enter Alfies head when he took his first hairpin bend in his first competitive race on the track at Whilton Mill. With the adrenaline taking over, Alfie wasn’t perturbed by the knocks during the race, he even had a bent chassis as a result.

Nevertheless the young whizz kid took 5th place in the championship and is already preparing for the next competition.

Well done to our Mini Turbo Charged racer, we can’t wait to see you in action next time!