DDS Demolition – Project Award

Demolition of Dover Cargo Terminal, Passenger Services Building and Berth 1.

Following a competitive tender, DDS Demolition is proud to once more work with the Port of Dover on the next phase of improvement works to the Eastern Docks.

The former Dover Cargo Terminal building, Passenger Services Building and Berth 1 will be demolished to make way for the installation of new traffic lanes and check-ins for the ferries.

The demolition of 33 year old Berth 1 is particularly interesting – with a weight of approximately 804 tonnes, DDS has devised a very specific method of deconstruction and dismantling.

The structure, which was designed and installed by MacGregor Navire, was designed to be floated into position and water ballasted to settle on prepared foundation on the seabed. The shore end and support tanks were filled with sand ballast to provide a negative preponderance.

The units are fitted with valves and sluices but they have not been used for a number of years rendering them inoperable.

Following storm damage when the structure moved on the prepared foundations, the structure was de-ballasted and located back into position. When relocated into the correct position a number of tanks were filled with sand. The prepared concrete foundations for the ballast tanks are also to be removed.