DDS Demolition and the Young Padawan

Allow us to introduce our latest Apprentice, 18-year old Charlie Knight.

Charlie Knight and Tom Worrall

Charlie is a refreshing and welcome member of the team at DDS Demolition. Joining the company as Trainee Estimator / QS, Charlie is shadowing colleague Tom Worrall to learn about the complex and competitive world of estimating, value engineering and Quantity Surveying.

Approaching DDS Demolition on completion of his further education at Dane Court Grammar School in Kent, Charlie made a great first impression when he came to interview. Supporting an Apprenticeship is a worthy yet expensive process therefore DDS also considered personality and attitude when considering our newest Padawan.

Over the next four years, Charlies apprenticeship is working towards and studying for a Level 3 B Tech in Construction and the Built Environment following onto a HNC specialising in Quantity Surveying. Upon successful completion of these, Charlie will then look to undertake a degree qualification in demolition engineering.

Charlie is already a Student Member of the IDE (Institute of Demolition Engineers) following in the footsteps of many DDS colleagues.

When asked why Charlie chose to kick start his career with DDS, he states (rather sensibly) “DDS sold themselves to me as much as I wanted to make a good impression to them. I was hoping to join a company that not only supported my career through an Apprenticeship, but also offered one to one mentoring”.

Good luck in your new role Charlie – with a Jedi Master such as Tom, may the force be with you.