DDS Demolition: A Considerate Constructor

DDS Demolition has twice succeeded in recent months in achieving the Considerate Constructor Award. The scheme recognises contractors who are pro-actively improving the image of construction by monitoring sites and rewarding those who perform at the highest levels.

The most recent award was attained for the Demolition of a housing estate in Gomshall, Surrey. In addition to the demolition of numerous residential units, the project also consisted of the partial demolition of Airey houses and re-construction of the gable end wall’s.

The demolition of the multi-storey car park in King Street, Maidstone was also deemed to have been performing at the highest of levels and received the award.

“I’ve always known that we have placed considerable emphasis on the importance of looking after residents in close proximity to the works” explains Contracts Manager, Eric Rosay ” but it is nice to have some formal recognition that solidifies our efforts.”