DDS Christmas Donation 2020: Auroras Journey and Anthony Nolan Trust

DDS  has once again opted to steer away from the usual Christmas wine gift to our client base. Instead, we have chosen to make a donation to two special and worthy causes. We are making our donations early for one crucial reason, time is of the essence.

This is the story of beautiful 9 year old Aurora Pile-Gray from Margate in Kent – please take the time to read on, she is worth it:

In May 2020, Aurora was diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitts Lymphoma. Burkitt’s lymphoma is a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Aurora had received 4 cycles of intensive chemotherapy however the cancer became resistant and returned with aggression.

The devastating struggle that Aurora faces is due to her mixed ethnicity. The availability of suitable bone marrow is incredibly low. Patients with mixed race backgrounds have just a 20% chance of finding the best donor match. To put it into context, typically this form of cancer has a 95% survival rate, however due to Auroras mixed ethnicity the statistics are significantly reduced to around 10%.

Aurora urgently needs to find a match, only 3% of stem cell donors worldwide are mixed race. 

Since Auroras diagnosis, mum Keisha Pile-Gray has tirelessly investigated any possible treatment options during which she learned more about the Anthony Nolan Trust which conducts world class research into stem cell matching and transplants. Keisha and her family realised the difficulties faced by mixed ethnicity patients and lack of suitable donors.

Auroras family is trying to raise enough funds to seek treatment worldwide to save Auroras life, they are exploring all options which includes those that reach beyond the UK.

DDS would like to raise awareness of Auroras journey by donating to her cause and encouraging others to read her story and donate if you can.

Alongside the donation to Aurora, we are also making an equal donation to the Anthony Nolan Trust to support their incredible research and further highlight awareness.