DDS Champion the New CCDO Demolition Managers Course

After the Success of pilot scheme which ran at the end of 2010, the National Demolition Training Group released the new 5 day Manager’s course, targeted specifically to management within the Industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to training, DDS began implementing this training among our own workforce by sending Glenn Fullagar (One of our more experienced Site Managers) on the Course.

In addition to the standard classroom work you would associate with a course such as this, Glenn was required to demonstrate his management capability in front of a panel of judges who were hidden behind a one-way viewing screen. Placed on a replicated construction site within the new ACT-UK simulation centre, Glenn had to demonstrate key skills in a variety of challenging management situations to acquire this new accreditation, which varied from Health and Safety emergencies to an argument over milk!

DDS hope that this further training will help maximise efficiency in all areas of the business, as well as minimising health and safety risk and environmental impact.