Attack of the Apprentices!

Attack of the Apprentices…..Back in September 2017, DDS took on our first Apprentice Trainee Estimator / Quantity Surveyor, Charlie Knight.

Charlie joined us an enthusiastic 18 year old straight from the Sixth Form of Dane Court Grammar School in Thanet and over the past (nearly) two years we’ve had the realisation that we created a monster.

That being said, he is a very talented monster who has now been promoted to Assistant Quantity Surveyor after proving to the company that with the right selection process and candidate, Apprentices are the way forward.

So, as gluttons for punishment, meet our fresh-faced 2019 recruits:

Charles Day – Apprentice Trainee Estimator / Quantity Surveyor – DDS Demolition

Luke Breach – Apprentice Trainee Estimator / Quantity Surveyor – DDS Environmental

Chazz and Dave (sorry, Luke), have been with us for a few months now, they’re already bringing fresh ideas and refreshingly positive attitudes so what better way to repay their contribution than publishing a cringe-inducing post on the company website.

All jokes aside, DDS is over 40 years old which started as a family run business and remains that way. The original founder, Les Ray (Chairman) is still very much present and son Wesley Ray (Managing Director) has evolved the company not just to keep up with the times but ahead of them.

Part of this foresight includes the realisation that the correct Apprentices are part of the next generation. When all of us 30, 40 and 50-somethings are approaching retirement, it will be their generation that will eventually take the reins.

The investment of these colleagues is immeasurable, especially in the long term.

As for the short-term, we continue to enjoy an upbeat office atmosphere all the while being reminded that, no, we clearly aren’t as young as we think we are and yes, that is the music young folk listen to nowadays!