Service: Waste Management

Recycling generates cost benefits in addition to environmental advantages to any Waste Management Company. Primary aggregates incur a fee per tonne by law; this is avoided if the materials are recycled. In addition to this, reusing and recycling materials decreases costs in transportation of waste. Alongside conserving raw materials, recycling preserves water and energy, and diminishes the production of greenhouse emissions and other pollutants.

It is the firm belief of DDS that a construction project cannot be deemed successful unless it has contributed to its fullest potential to Environmental Sustainability. At DDS, a pre-demolition appraisal ascertains how the material can be reused, reclaimed or recycled. In this survey all materials are accounted for, resulting in minimal unnecessary waste.

All reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage are transferred to our in house reclamation depot for resale back into construction and domestic markets. All other arisings are taken to waste processing plants (such as our sister company TW Services) where they are separated and recycled into various material streams such as building aggregates, woodchip board, plastics etc

These processes are all in place to minimise the amount of waste taken to landfill sites, this in turn reduces the impact on environmental welfare to the surrounding areas.

We at DDS have been reusing, reclaiming and recycling for decades, giving us the experience and knowledge to create the most practical eco-friendly contracts possible.