Service: Crushing & Screening

DDS Demolition employs progressive methods of concrete & hardcore crushing to maximise the percentage of granular waste created on site available for recycling and reuse. Containing these materials within the project location can reduce client expenditure, carbon emissions and minimises environmental impact on the surrounding area.

DDS Demolition undertake initial appraisals to highlight aspects within the work where on site recycling is possible; this ensures every opportunity is satisfied.

The company strives to reduce their carbon footprint as well as client costs, and this can be achieved by decreasing vehicle movements in the haulage of the materials to and away from site. DDS utilise our state-of-the art equipment and crushing techniques to ensure that any material we produce is to the highest of standards. We employ strict quality control procedures on site to ensure that all arising materials are produced to the clients specification, in the safest possible manner.