The Bottle Store

Demolition project background

The former bottle store was once the storage warehouse to a major soft drinks factory based in the heart of Stockwell Green London. A portion of the site had already been developed into residential apartments which were located immediately adjacent to the site. The concrete structure had been engineered to support extreme loads, and was subsequently heavily reinforced.


  • Establish site welfare facilities suitable to accommodate the size and nature of the works to be completed
  • Enclose the west elevation with a protective scaffold.
  • Carry out refurbishment and demolition asbestos survey of underground ducts as they were inaccessible at the time of original survey
  • CAT scan slab to determine location of live cables, and mark up accordingly.
  • Establish and maintain vibration / noise monitoring survey stations.
  • Demolish 4-storey building down to ground slab level
  • Break out ground slab, pile caps, and foundations.
  • Core drilling of 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2m holes in the basement slab to enable the new piles to be constructed
  • Crush hardcore and concrete arisings.
  • Reduce level excavation across the site.
  • Lay and compact 400mm engineered piling mat
  • Remove all other recycled demolition materials arising.

Achievements and Successes

  • There was a large electrical sub-station in extreme close proximity to the structure on site. DDS Erected a scaffold crash deck, enclosing the substation to minimise the risk of damage from falling debris.
  • Outside the site boundary on the west elevation were multi-storey blocks of flats, whose construction had only recently been completed. To accompany the standard dust suppression techniques employed (Fine Water Mists etc) a scaffold with a heavy duty monarflex was erected to the west elevation. This also served as additional protection to prevent debris falling outside the allocated drop zones.
  • Due to a change in programme and the scope of works, DDS Demolition was required to accelerate the programme, complete the demolition phase of the project in a shorter space than had been originally allocated. Subsequently, DDS arranged for an additional High Reach excavator to assist which facilitated the shortened programme.
  • DDS recycled 100% of the demolition arising – Zero went to Landfill.