The Beaney Museum

Demolition project background

The Beaney Museum, a Grade II Listed building, had increased in popularity and outgrown its existing facilities. After receiving a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund works, Wates Construction appointed DDS Demolition to work with them throughout their build to undertake demolition related activities over numerous visits.


  • Carry out the works over a number of separate visits with extremely tight programme restraints.
  • Confirm isolation of all services prior to undertaking any on site activity.
  • Complete Soft Strip to all designated museum area’s, including removal of lead based paint.
  • Buildings to rear to be demolished to basement slab level.
  • Floor slabs to be broken out where designated.
  • Openings to be formed where designated.
  • Spot Items (walls, mezzanine levels etc) to demolished where designated.
  • Removal of pigeon Guano.

Achievements and Successes

  • In order to work with Wates, and facilitate their own programme, DDS were required to undertake the contract over a number of phases at various stages of the build. DDS were required to mobilise at short notice if required, as not to hinder Wates programme.
  • Working within a Grade II listed building, additional care and consideration was required by all operatives not to damage any of the retained features or structures. This was achieved, with no complaints from the client.
  • The site was situated on the High Street in Canterbury, and was completed with all local business’s remaining open for the duration of our works. Activities had to be carefully sequenced to mitigate excess noise which may affect local trade.
  • While DDS were on site, this particular site was the highest performing site with regards Health & Safety in the Wates Group. DDS were pleased to play a part in this success.
  • Complete client satisfaction.