St. George’s Secondary School

Demolition project background

St. George’s Church of England Foundation School provides an innovative and challenging learning environment that is totally dedicated to seeking and developing the potential of every young person. However, inadequate facilities were proving a hindrance to the pupil’s education. As part of the Build Schools for the Future programme, it received government funding to build a new state of the art facility on the site next door, followed by the demolition and site clearance of the existing facility in close proximity to the live school environment.


  • Erect Heras fencing/hoarding to create exclusion zones.
  • Remove any hazardous material, including asbestos.
  • Soft strip buildings.
  • Liaise with utility suppliers and Main Contractor to arrange and confirm isolation and termination servicesto the structures.
  • Demolish structures Main school building, sports hall and all associated outbuildings down to slab level.
  • Break out ground level slab.
  • Break out foundations to a depth of 1.5m
  • Backfill voids with selected crushed arisings
  • Crush, screen and stockpile concrete / hardcore
  • Remove all surplus demolition arisings to our waste recycling centre

Achievements and Successes

  • Despite the neighbouring school pupils undertaking their exams creating added emphasis on Noise pollution, DDS Demolition completed the contract with no disruption to the day-to-day school operations.
  • As a result of effective site management, DDS Demolition received the coveted blue flag from Kier; a testament to the high level of Health and Safety we strive to achieve.
  • Additional asbestos was unexpectedly discovered below the ground floor slab. DDS still managed to oversee the removal and disposal of the hazardous material without any delay to the original programme.
  • Complete Client Satisfaction.