Slough Library

Demolition project background

The former library was earmarked for demolition as part of the Slough Urban Regeneration Scheme to make way for a new cultural hub and library.

DDS Demolition were awarded the contract following a successful open tender bid.

The site comprised of a 3-storey reinforced concrete structure with pitched timber roof and concrete floor slab.

The structure was situated immediately adjacent to residential flats and busy town centre.



  • Erect a timber hoarding to site perimeter including steel mesh double leaf lockable gates.
  • Remove asbestos containing materials.
  • Soft strip the site of fixtures, fittings, coverings and combustible material.
  • Purge all existing pipe work and Issue Certification to Slough Borough Council to confirm the de-gassing of pipe work.
  • Strip out all redundant M&E equipment.
  • Erect monarflex enclosed scaffold with fully boarded lifts around the east, south, and west elevations for the duration of the contract. Scaffold will be progressively struck as the height of the building is reduced.
  • Demolish main building down to slab level.
  • Efficient and effective dust suppression.
  • Break out slabs and foundations.
  • Seal foul water drains on the site boundary using a minimum 150mm deep dense concrete ensuring no issues with adjoining water runs are affected.
  • Back-fill all voids and compact ground ready for landscaping.
  • Clear away all waste material and debris from site to the satisfaction of the Contract Administrator.
  • Remove existing slabs, bollards and other concrete, brick or tarmac areas.
  • Leave site clean, tidy and safe on completion.

Achievements and Successes

  • Ongoing resident liaison programme due to the site being within proximity of residential properties and dwellings.
  • Effective dust suppression
  • Traffic management – DDS employed a ‘just in time’ system to maintain traffic flows
  • Negotiated with local highways department to obtain the approvals required to adopt Highways Land.
  • DDS originally contracted to go down to slab level as a result of successful project delivery, Client requested a further works package to remove slabs/foundations and obstructions to a depth of 4m.
  • DDS provided a topographical survey which charted all the final site levels along with service disconnection points and any residual obstructions in the ground.
  • A primitive under floor heating system was discovered which consisted of asbestos cement pipework that was cast into the screed of the slab. DDS designed a removal strategy to remove the asbestos contaminated screed under semi controlled conditions.
  • During proof dig a redundant pedestrian subway was found. This was backfilled and charted on the completion drawings.