Pfizer Sandwich Facility

Demolition project background

Pfizer, one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies, closed the manufacturing side of it’s Sandwich plants operations in 2007. Following this, DDS were instructed to demolish and dismantle a variety of buildings within its compound.


  • Erect anti climb Security Fencing around working area’s to demarcate working area’s from the live facility.
  • Remove all asbestos containing materials from buildings.
  • Remove all hazardous substances (e.g. air conditioning refrigerant) from buildings before commencing demolition activities.
  • Soft strip buildings of all fixtures, fittings, and combustible materials.
  • Demolish/Dismantle buildings as required by Pfizer.
  • Regrade and make up levels to the site including the engineered filling of voids.
  • Leave site safe, clean and tidy upon completion.

Achievements & Successes

  • Due to the nature of the Pfizers facility, DDS were required to adhere to additional security measures throughout our time on site. These included (but are not limited to):
  • Scheduling all site deliveries/traffic 24 hours in advance.
  • Strict photographic regulations.
  • General measures to protect confidentiality where required.
  • Site Marshalls to supervise the transfer of all materials.
  • The site has 3 separate drainage systems, which must remain clear and uncontaminated at all times- this was critical to the success of the contract. Additional, carefully monitored Environmental Mitigation measures had to be employed to ensure this occurred.
  • Work in accordance with Pfizers strict vibration and noise limits, carrying out constant monitoring and records.
  • Attend weekly progress and programme management meetings keeping Pfizers current with all aspects of the works.
  • Works were completed across various locations while the site was live. On site logistics management was crucial, to ensure that demolition site traffic would not compete with the day-to-day peak traffic expose workers to any additional risk. In addition, security fencing was deployed throughout to put a physical barrier between our working area and the area’s of site still accessible to employees.
  • The site was completed on schedule and to programme
  • DDS received a letter from the client congratulating us on the success of the contract.