Paper Mill Demolition – PM 7,8 and Voith Plant

Demolition project background

DDS were awarded the second phase of the paper mill demolition of PM 7 & 8 and the Voith plant following the successful completion of the 1st phase of the PM1 paper machine the previous year.

The site was mainly comprised of concrete and steel structures as well as the plant.

The works were carried out strategically incorporating; asbestos removal, preparation and removal of plant and equipment, demolition of the Voith plant and demolition of the PM 7 & 8 warehouse.


  • Remove all asbestos containing materials from the buildings / areas prior to the demolition commencing.
  • Prepare ie pre weaken all heavy equipment within the Voith plant
  • Remove the plant and equipment
  • Demolish the Voith plant
  • Further pre weakening and removal process for PM 7 & 8
  • Demolish the building including the grubbing up of all slabs and materials.
  • Backfill voids, bringing the site to a graded general level.

Achievements and Successes

  • Understanding the complex installation and engineering of the plant to plan a strategic, effective and safe removal.
  • Factoring in a comprehensive pre weakening element within the works and programme.
  • Familiarising and strengthening our knowledge of mills and equipment.
  • Making best use of the site for cutting fields / metal segregation.
  • Making the best use of site for on site maintenance.
  • Significant volume of recycled material
  • DDS Demolition crushed all the granular arisings which – upon the clients request – remained on site.
  • Complete client satisfaction.