Northfleet Technical College

Demolition project background

After a successful first phase, completing the enabling works at Northfleet Technical College, DDS successfully tendered the larger second phase following the construction of replacement facilities for Northfleet Technical College.The previous school comprised of eleven buildings of various construction, and a reinforced air raid shelter all of which was to be demolished to create the space for the new school’s access and green area.


  • Establish suitable welfare facilities for DDS operatives.
  • Confirm isolation and termination of services in the building – liaise with Kier Build.
  • Erect Heras fencing to create a demolition exclusion zones.
  • Remove vegetation and trees where detailed.
  • Systematically remove asbestos materials, clearing structures ready for demolition.
  • Soft strip furniture, fixtures, fittings and non-load bearing structures.
  • Demolish structures to underside of slab level.
  • Break out foundations to a depth of up to 2.0m.
  • Crush and stockpile concrete and hardcore arising.
  • Remove all other demolition, rubbish and soft strip materials arising.

Achievements and Successes

  • While breaking out the slab in the earlier stages of the contract, DDS discovered wide-spread additional unidentified buried notifiable asbestos material. DDS immediately quarantined the zone as not to disturb the asbestos and put any site operatives, residents, or pupils at the neighbouring school at risk. DDS Worked with Kier Build and Noble (Asbestos Surveyor) to achieve a safe satisfactory result.
  • Access to the site was via a heavily populated residential estate, subject to high levels of road side parking. DDS regularly liaised with local residents to ensure we would be able to logistically manage our operations, and that we were causing minimal disruption to the resident.
  • Working in close proximity to a live school, it was necessary for DDS to impose working time restrictions as not to put the Health & Safety of Pupils, Staff and Parents at risk when traffic at the school was at its peak.
  • Complete client satisfaction.