North-West Kent College

Demolition project background

]The College runs a wide variety of academic and vocational courses for over 4,000 full-time students from two main campuses approximately 12 miles apart in Dartford and Gravesend. Gravesend’s Lower Higham Road campus caters for Art and Design, Construction and Building Services, Engineering, Hotel and Catering, Motor Vehicle, Professional Care, Refrigeration.



  • Remove asbestos based material
  • Remove fire escape to front of building
  • Remove existing glazed front entrance
  • Demolish single storey structure between swimming pool and theatre down to u/s of ground bearing slab
  • Demolish external brick columns
  • Demolish external chemical store building
  • Remove stand alone brick walls
  • Remove concrete plinths


  • Block up existing glazed screen
  • Soft strip furniture, fixtures, fittings and non-load bearing structures
  • Remove roof lights
  • Bock up existing double door
  • From new opening in theatre wall (diamond saw cutting)
  • Propping to retain structures

Swimming Pool

  • Remove pool floor slab (above undercroft)
  • Remove pool walls
  • Form 2 No. openings in external wall
  • Soft strip furniture, fixtures, fittings and non-load bearing structures
  • Punch through ground floor slab
  • Break out slab openings for lift shaft (ground, 1st and roof levels)

Return visit

  • Remove studio theatre timber doors
  • Remove split air conditioning on theatre roof
  • Remove high level ventilation fans
  • Remove windows to first floor office
  • Remove existing corner windows 6m girth full height
  • Remove existing rooflights over swimming pool

Achievements and Successes

  • These works were carried out in a live college environment, with student footpaths in close proximity to the site boundaries. On top of the additional environmental, and health & safety considerations, this also put restrictions on the hours in which we could undertake our on site activities.
  • This was a complex project, with various areas of the college at different stages of construction; this meant that DDS were interfacing with numerous trades, all at varying stages of the build. We successfully liaised with all of the contractors on site to ensure that no activities were being undertaken elsewhere that could impede our progress, and we were doing nothing that would impede others.
  • DDS were scored higher than all other BAM Sub-Contractors in on site health & safety.
  • Complete client satisfaction.