Minster College

Demolition project background

Minster College was one of two contracts awarded to DDS Demolition as part of the Isle of Sheppey Academies (IOSA) Scheme.

The site was mainly comprised of two-storey concrete frame construction buildings.

The works were carried out in two phases, the first phase created the space for the first buildings of the construction programme, with a second phase happening on a return visit.


  • Establish suitable site welfare facilities, and segregate the demolition site from the neighboring school facility and residential properties.
  • Liaise with Kier Build to isolate / terminate the services to the building as necessary.
  • Soft strip all asbestos containing materials from the building prior to the demolition commencing.
  • Soft strip the building of all fixtures and fittings.
  • Demolish the building including the grubbing up of all slabs and materials.
  • Backfill voids, bringing the site to a graded general level.
  • Clear all waste materials arising.

Achievements and Successes

  • The local fire brigade approached DDS Demolition requesting is we could permit them use of some of the redundant structures for training. DDS worked with the emergency services to undertake a suitable risk assessment and agree a suitable method for their training programme.
  • Whilst carrying out the demolition works, high quantities of undiscovered asbestos was identified in the underground ducts. DDS quickly adapted the demolition method and sequencing, and worked closely with our Asbestos Removal supply chain partner to safely remove the asbestos containing materials in controlled conditions.
  • DDS Demolition crushed all the granular arisings to a 6F2 specification which was stockpiled on site, and used by Kier for the construction phase of the works.
  • Vibration monitoring stations were installed along the boundary nearest the residential houses to ensure that the vibration levels were being adhered to.
  • Bats were identified on site and subsequently a bat licensed had to be obtained, this meant that for certain periods the work had to be carried out under the watch of a Bat Ecologist.
  • Complete client satisfaction.