Lord Street Car Park

Demolition project background

DDS Demolition was commissioned by Barretts South Eastern Counties to undertake the complete demolition works of Lord Street Car Park, Gravesend. The main concern for this site was the unstable ‘lift slab’ system of construction, which had caused the partial uncontrolled collapse of a similar Car Park in Wolverhampton prior to the contract.The site was located just outside the centre of Gravesend, directly adjacent to the main distributor road area containing restaurants, shops, alongside both residential and business properties. With the extremely close proximity of the neighbouring properties, rail infrastructure, general public and site operatives Safety and Welfare remained of paramount importance.


  • Confirm isolation and termination services to the structures, liaising with Barratt Eastern Counties
  • Remove any hazardous materials, segregating it from any other waste on site.
  • Demolish existing structures to ground level
  • Break out hard standings and ground slabs
  • Soft strip services, fixtures and fittings (cottages)
  • Break out cottage foundations (1.5m)
  • Break out car park mass concrete foundations (3.0m), pile caps (1.8m)
  • Remove demolition arisings off site
  • Grade off site level

Achievements and Successes:

  • This lesser used form of construction was very rarely encountered by DDS, requiring us to thoroughly research the carpark priory to demolition to ensure we fully understood the structural integrity of the buildings. The ‘Lift Slab’ system, in which concrete floor slabs, cast at ground level, are lifted up precast columns and then supported on wedges engaging in welded angle sheer collars cast into the slab.
  • Dust contamination was minimised, and did not effect the surrounding area, despite the site’s close proximity to the town centre.
  • Project delivered on time, and top budget.
  • Complete Client Satisfaction.