Naccolt Brickworks Demolition and Land Remediation

Demolition project background

The site comprised of former brickworks which included the presence of drying sheds, kilns, production buildings and stores.

The buildings were brick and steel framed with several of the buildings containing corrugated asbestos cement sheet roofs. The buildings were in a poor structural condition and a partial collapse had occurred in several of the buildings.


Phase 1 – Demolition

  • Removal of licensed and non-licensed asbestos
  • All buildings were demolished down to slab level
  • Previously unidentified Asbestos debris and hydrocarbon contamination was identified within the soft landscaped areas.

Phase 2 – Remediation

Due to the extent of the contamination, works were ceased on site to formulate a remediation strategy that was acceptable by the Local Authority and Environment Agency.

The strategy implemented was for the removal and off-site disposal of isolated hydrocarbon hotspots.

  • All visual asbestos products were removed, and a soil swap exercise undertaken.
  • The soil swap consisted of stripping the madeground down to virgin clay
  • Excavating cells within the soft landscaped areas
  • Placing the contaminated ground into the cells capping with clean site-won material.

Achievements and Successes

  • Demolition was executed successfully
  • Sensitive resident liaison due to location
  • Pragmatic and practical response upon identification of heavily contaminated ground
  • Prompt and rational discussion with the client to assist in the future masterplan of the site.
  • Accommodation of the clients’ wishes.
  • Intelligent and effective solution formulated to remedy to a non-commercially viable site and making it viable.
  • Upon re-visitation of the site, DDS strengthened the skill set of colleagues on site in line with the task in hand (Remediation).
  • All works were successfully validated by Geo Environmental.
  • Site left ready for development.
  • Good working relationship with client.