Kemsley Paper Mill

Demolition project background

St Regis is the UK’s largest manufacturer of recycled paper

Kemsley papermill produces approximately 800,000 tonnes of paper per year, making it on of the largest facilities of its type in the country. It is powered by its own plant (grovehurst energy) which sustainably supplies it with power and heat all year round.

As St Regis continued its improvement programme, it was necessary to remove/reconfigure areas of the mill to facilitate the £100m upgrade of the PM6 machine.


  • Protection of operational plant and services.
  • Demolition of Former offices and Chemical Store Area.
  • Robotic Demolition of internal concrete Potcher, Pulp and Fines Chests.
  • Dismantle and dismantling of E-Line Conveyors, Pulpers and Plant (Stock Prep and De Ink).
  • Demolition and site clearance of the St Regis office block.
  • Demolition site clearance and backfilling of under ground Air raid shelters.
  • Demolition and Dismantling of the PM1 Stock Prep plant.
  • Demolition and Dismantling of the internal PM1 De Ink plant.
  • Removal of various large stainless steel tanks (using Plazma cutting equipment).
  • Processing and clearance of redundant plant and paper machine rolls (Jacksons Yard Area).

Achievements & Successes

  • All works were completed within a operational paper mill environment but managed to cause minimal disruption to the day to day running of the mill due to the confinement of the works to within the perimeters of live services.
  • Despite our original contract order only being for 4 weeks; St Regis were so impressed with DDS that further contracts were continually negotiated keeping the DDS team on site for over 18 months
  • Each contract was instructed with very little lead in time and very tight programme periods, which imposed a large amount of pressure on the DDS team to get it right the first time, every time.
  • Each contract are was delivered and handed back to the client as per their requirements’ and within and before the programmed periods
  • The areas in which the works took place were spatially restrictive, requiring highly skilled operatives and suitable specialist plant.
  • Enhanced management system were introduced to ensure that the works were carried out will no ill effect to the operational Paper Mill
  • DDS gained glowing references from the Client

Client press release

“Chris Rosser praised the huge engineering effort which went into making the PM6 rebuild the fastest project of its kind in the world. He commented: ‘We have invested over £100 million in order to produce 260,000 tonnes of K-light every year.’ “