Horsham Kiln

Demolition project background

The Brick Kiln at the Wienerberger Factory in Horsham required planned maintenance as part of its on-going improvement programme. This project consisted of the replacement of 175m of Kiln which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Wienerberger were committed to minimising downtime whilst the repairs to the Kiln were carried out to not only reduce lost revenue, but to ensure customer orders were fulfilled on time.


  • Establish suitable site welfare facilities.
  • Confirm that there were no asbestos containing materials present within the Kiln Structure.
  • Separate the Kiln between bay 139 – 140.
  •  Dismantle the Kiln from bay 0 to 139 down to the top of ground floor slab.
  •  Dismantle and set aside mechanical and electrical equipment which was to be used for the new Kiln Construction.
  •  Demolish concrete plinth at base of columns.
  •  Segregate, process and recycle all materials arising.

Achievements and Successes


  • The works had to be completed over an extremely short duration over the Christmas Period, in between the Kiln Shutting Down and the arrival of the replacement kiln contractors in the New Year. DDS Demolished a complex 24-hour, 7-day a week shift pattern to ensure that work never stopped and the demolition programme was a condensed as possible.
  • DDS were not able to have a fully intrusive site visit due to the intense internal heat and the time it takes to cool down. DDS had to enter into a contract based on an external visit and as built drawings only. DDS planned the work extensively, simulating “worst-case” scenarios so that we were well prepared in the event an unforeseen obstacle arose.
  • The kiln was partially constructed of materials which are not commonly encountered. DDS searched extensively at tender stage to source waste recycling centres which could process the arising’s and maintain the high recycling targets that were set.
  • As the Kiln was only being partially deconstructed, it was essential that no damage was done to the retained Kiln section or the foundations of the demolished section which was to be reused. DDS ensured the works were carried out in fully controlled conditions, and that all the appropriate safe measures were in place.
  • The works were subject to scrutiny from the client’s Health and Safety team who were conscious (as were DDS) that they did not want the focus on programme to detract from the projects commitment to Health & Safety. The client praised DDS in this area of our work, paying particular focus to our employee’s positive attitude towards it.