Golden Manor, Hanwell

Demolition project background

The building was a former school building, 3-storey’s tall and of load bearing brickwork construction. The building had been vacant for some time, and was due to be demolished to make way for a residential development.


  • Erect heras fencing to secure the site where necessary and provide access route to footpath at rear of site
  • Erect plywood hoarding to front elevation
  • Establish welfare facilities
  • Confirm isolation and termination of gas services in the building – liaise with Constable Homes Ltd
  • Remove any hazardous materials including asbestos
  • Soft strip buildings
  • Salvage soffits and fascia boards from main building, set aside
  • Salvage bricks from section of boundary wall, set aside for reuse
  • Retain front facade and 1-1.2m of external side walls
  • Break out foundations to a depth of 1m
  • Remove all demolition, rubbish and soft strip materials arising
  • Confirm isolation and termination of services in the building

Achievements and Successes

  • DDS constantly liaised with the neighbouring residents as the site was tightly bounded by residential properties- as such, a logistics plan was collated to work within their requirement’s.
  • DDS supplied and installed the hoarding and gates to the site prior to demolition.
  • Part of the planning conditions stated that the façade had to be retained. DDS along with their scaffolding partner All Access designed a counterbalanced scaffold façade retaining system incorporating fully boarded working lifts. The system was extremely efficient for this project and offered a considerable commercial saving over a steel or slimshore system.
  • Additional requirements were that the soffits and facias had to be removed and set aside for the client along with 13,000 of the facing bricks.
  • The garage blocks to the rear of the site had to be demolished first to allow a public right of way to be repositioned around the rear boundary of the site.
  • In general, the works were carried out with no disruption to the neighbouring area and were bought in within programme to Anderson constructions Approval.