Glebe House

Demolition project background

The project brief was to demolish a small 19th century house and out buildings, reclaim any reusable building materials that could be reused in the new development and clear the site of its shrubbery.The site its self was very sensitive as it lay with in a conservation area and area of outstanding natural beauty in the quiet village of Lower Hardres and was subject to various planning appeals.It became evident from the outset that it was very important for our client that none of the conditions were breached or any local residences were unnecessarily affected.

The west facing elevation of the property also formed the boundary wall of the local St Mary’s Church and old Rectory. Our Site Supervisor and Contracts Manager liaised with the church personnel on a daily bases to ensure that none of our site operations would affect the day to day running of the church activities and on two occasions the works ceased to allow funeral ceremonies to take place.

Although the project was small in comparison to our average contract we dedicate the same level of pre-planning and relative supervision as that of a large complex project.As with every contract we under take the same quality and standards are enforced and maintained from inception to completion which has lead to our valued reputation and client satisfaction