Embassy Hotel, Cliftonville, Kent

Demolition project background


  • Confirm where the isolation/termination of services to the structures have taken place – liaise with Client.
  • Establish Suitable welfare facilities.
  • Construct gantry over single storey extension to the front of the site to facilitate loading waste.
  • Erect enclosed scaffold to front and rear of the property.
  • Remove all Asbestos Containing Materials within the structures.
  • Soft strip services, fixtures and fittings to the main building.
  • Demolish modern extensions to the front and rear of the site.
  • Break out any slabs/foundations to a depth of 1m under any demolished structure outside the footprint of the proposed new building.
  • Remove all demolition arisings, rubbish and soft strip materials arising from site.

Achievements and Successes

  • The building was terraced and had poor rear access; the site offered no suitable locations for a contractor’s waste compound. DDS arranged for the suspension of the parking bays to the front of the site, and constructed a gantry to load the waste receptacles.
  • DDS installed a conveyor system to carry demolition arisings from the rear of the site to the waste compound at the front.
  • Poor access required the structures to the rear of the site had to be razed by hand.
  • Its terraced location required suitable protection be put in place to protect the neighbouring properties. The structures to be demolished were enclosed in a scaffold with debris netting.
  • DDS salvaged high volumes of bricks and timber from the project, which were processed and resold from our reclamation yard in Monkton, the profit from which was credited against the job at tender stage.
  • DDS optimised the projects efficiency and substantially reduced the demolition programme.