Denge Pumping Station

Demolition project background

The site was a Decommissioned decontamination facility for radioactive water, located within the footprint of a proposed new state of the art facility.

It was a cellular frame structure erected off traditional foundations i.e. CFA Piles, Pile Caps/Ground Beams and a 600mm reinforced concrete slab.


  • Establish Welfare suitable for the duration and type of works, adequate to service the number of personnel on site.
  • Strip all asbestos remaining materials from structure’s, disposing at a licensed facility.
  • Soft strip all building of loose fixtures and fittings.
  • Remove Pipework, Plant and Tanks from site.
  • Demolish buildings/structures/plant to the top of, ground floor slab (retaining slab and foundations for future use)
  • Decant from site.

Achievements and Successes

  • The site was located in the heart of a nature reserve; numerous key environmental receptors were identified and required protection throughout the works.  A dust suppressive method of demolition was employed for the projects duration.
  • A Network Rail line servicing the Dungeness Power stations was situated immediately adjacent to the site. DDS Demolition incorporated the additional considerations into our systems of work and liaised with Network Rail throughout.
  • Due to the site’s location and environs, the scheme required approval from several statutory bodies such as: Shepway District Council, Network Rail, Natural England, RSPB etc
  • DDS Operatives we’re required to undertake specialist training (National Water Training) in order to get approved to complete work on site.
  • Complete satisfaction of all stakeholders.