Fast Ferry Berth – Demolition over water

Demolition project background

Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) is one of the most important and exciting cargo developments in North West Europe and the latest phase of works required demolition over water (Marine Demolition). DWDR is utilising Dover’s unique location to transform cargo and logistics operations whilst also taking forward a major waterfront development, looking to create a fantastic destination experience in Dover.  As part of that work, the Port is utilising the site once used by former Hovercraft and Seacat services.

DDS Demolition were employed by the Port through a competitive tender process to remove the former fast ferry berth infrastructure as the site is cleared ready to begin construction.



  • Establish welfare & office accommodation.
  • Install pedestrian walkways / vehicle signage.
  • Undertake loading calculations for plant utilising the Prince of Wales Pier with a 3.00 tonne restriction.


  • Complete de-commissioning of redundant fuel lines & tanks.
  • Complete detailed calculations for craneage lift plans.
  • Dismantle pedestrian link bridge, winch portals and machine houses.
  • Dismantle vehicle deck, support beams and spragging supports.
  • Erect protection / access scaffold to RC Dolphin structures & break out pile caps utilising remote controlled Brokk excavators.
  • Cut off steel monopoles at sea-bed level.
  • Remove fendering systems fixed to the Grade II listed section of Prince of Wales Pier.
  • Cut off isolated fenders at sea bed level.
  • Process & clear arisings from site.
  • Clear debris over-site.
  • Undertake wet sea-bed survey.
  • Install new security fencing & replace catenary rails to match existing.

Achievements and Successes


  • DDS Demolition were the only tendering contractor who designed land based lifting plan – other tendering contractors adopted higher costing barge based solutions.
  • The works made use of the prince of wales pier; DDS were required to and successfully segregate the general public from the working area.
  • Scaffold for the Dolphins was designed in such a way to be lifted off the piles as a complete unit to avoid un-necessary working over water.
  • Works completed on time and under budget.
  •  0% accidents.