Sovereign Court – top down demolition of 8 storey office block

Demolition project background

Sovereign Court is a St George West London Development, offering an exclusive collection of superbly appointed apartments and penthouses that represent the epitome of relaxed, contemporary London Living. To facilitate the construction phase of this development, DDS were commissioned for the top down demolition of 8 storey office block, the former West 45 and King Mall Shopping Centre Multi-Storey car park.

The West 45 Office Block was 8-storeys high; it had undergone refurbishment a few years previously which was left incomplete.

The multi-storey car park was a 5-storey RC frame structure – part cast in-situ, part pre-cast.

The first phase of the project was to raze the office block and half of the multi-storey car park, including the grubbing up of all slabs and foundations.




  • Establish welfare & office accommodation.
  • Install pedestrian walkways / vehicle signage.
  • Install noise, dust and vibration monitoring stations.
  • Erect secure timber hoarding to site boundary.


  • Install 54db acoustic rated jumbo stud wall along cut line of car park.
  • Install Berry Systems vehicle barrier along car park cut line.
  • Erect protection scaffold to north & south elevations.
  • Erect working / protection scaffold to east core.
  • Design and install temporary works propping for link bridge structure.
  • De-commission / de-gas M&E plant & equipment.
  • Remove asbestos containing materials.
  • Demolish car park down to underside of slab.
  • Break out / grub up foundations.
  • Clear & grade over-site.


  • Design and install Luffing Crane foundations.
  • Erect Luffing Crane.
  • Erect protection / working scaffold, around all elevations including pedestrian gantry.
  • De-commission / de-gas M&E plant & equipment
  • Complete internal soft stripping.
  • Remove curtain walling.
  • Demolish Block 45 down to underside of slab.
  • Break out / grub up foundations.
  • Clear & grade over-site.


  • Liaise with LUL, ecologist & agree demolition method (Bats).
  • Erect protection scaffold.
  • Design and install temporary works propping.
  • Saw cut along separation line.
  • Demolish viaduct structure down to slab level.
  • Break out / grub up foundations.
  • Clear & grade over-site.

Achievements and Successes

  • Along the southern boundary ran three railway lines. DDS worked with St George at pre-contract stage to prepare an in-depth submission in order to gain London Underground approval for the works. Furthermore, a London Underground representative frequently visited site to audit the works and ensure that no excessive levels of risk were placed on London Underground assets.
  • The project was situated in Hammersmith Town Centre, surrounded by densely populated offices, shopping centres, luxury residential apartments and a school. Dust and noise emission’s had to be closely monitored, and monitoring stations were set up on the site boundary nearest the most sensitive receptors. Techniques were employed to minimise dust and noise to the greatest extent at the source, and a full time operative was employed to clean the roads surrounding the site.
  • The high profile location attracted a demanding volume of local interest. To manage the concerns of all the local residents, a website was developed by DDS which provided regular updates on the scheme’s progress as well as offering a live photographic feed from a time-lapse camera. This same website also offered all permitted parties to send limitless (in terms of size) attachments and upload key documents to a central remote server.
  • The remaining section of the car park had to remain live throughout the demolition and following construction phase of the work. A demolition solution was devised that would maintain structural stability, and incorporated the installation of traffic barriers. In addition, along the cut line of the car park an acoustic jumbo stud wall was installed to dampen the noise created from the demolition process.