Dalby Square, Margate

Demolition project background

The building was formally a hotel, converted from a series of sea-side townhouses. The building had sat unoccupied for many years, and was in an extremely run down and fire damaged condition.


  • Confirm isolation and termination of services in the building.
  • Demolish structures down to underside of slab and basement level.
  • Remove all demolition, rubbish and soft strip materials arisings.
  • Clearance of all fly tipped rubbish including Asbestos prior to any demolition work commencing.
  • Making safe of the building.
  • Soft strip the building of all fixtures and fittings.
  • Liaising with Scaffolding Contractor, design an effective temporary works structure to support and retain the façade,

Achievements and Successes

  • This site was situated in the heart of a densely populated seaside area, DDS had to be extremely mindful of pollution as a result of our activities (namely dust and noise). Key systems of work were incorporated into out methodologies to mitigate these; no complaints were registered with DDS throughout the works.
  • Part of the planning conditions stated that the façade had to be retained. DDS along with their scaffolding partner, All Access, designed a counterbalanced scaffold façade retaining system incorporating fully boarded working lifts. The system was extremely efficient for this project and offered a considerable commercial saving over a steel or slimshore system.
  • DDS had a tight programme to complete the works in, but still managed to reclaim 96% of the structures bricks. Additional labour was employed to process the arising, running in conjunction with the on site activities.
  • In general, the works were carried out with no disruption to the neighbouring area and were bought in within programme to Croudace Home’s approval.