Cheyney School

Demolition project background

The Cheyney School was one of two contracts awarded to DDS Demolition as part of the Isle of Sheppey Academies (IOSA) Scheme.

The site comprises a number of singe and two-storey buildings of mixed use construction which were carefully demolished to the underside of the slab and foundations.

The works were carried out following the construction of the replacement facility which was immediately adjacent the former site.



  • Demolish two residential properties along Marine Parade to facility access to site for construction traffic (carried out under a separate visit as enabling works).
  • Establish suitable site welfare facilities, and segregate the demolition site from the neighboring school facility and residential properties.
  • Liaise with Kier Build to isolate / terminate the services to the building as necessary.
  • Soft strip all asbestos containing materials from the building prior to the demolition commencing.
  • Soft strip the building of all fixtures and fittings.
  • Demolish the building including the grubbing up of all slabs and materials.
  • Backfill voids, bringing the site to a graded general level.
  • Clear all waste materials arising.

Achievements and Successes

  • The site access was a narrow passage between residential properties, and not ideal for the HGV traffic that was to be required to complete the demolition works. This required a carefully thought out and implemented traffic management plan which imposed strict vehicle speed limits, held queuing traffic off site, and arranged deliveries outside of the school highly congested delivery and collection times.
  • The replacement school facility was situated immediately on the sites eastern boundary, residential properties were to the north and west, with a river running to the south. Robust pollution protection measures were installed to protective these sensitive receptors i.e. dust suppression, noise Monitoring, reduction of percussive demolition methods.
  • On completion of our works, DDS were required to hand Kier back a level site with all voids backfilled. To maximise the site recycling rate, and offer a saving back to our client, DDS backfilled the voids with processed site won granular arising’s.
  • The project was completed to programme, and with no disruption to the day-to-day operations of the school.