Charles Dickens School

Demolition project background

Under the government’s Build School’s for Future scheme, Denne Construction were awarded the contract to improve the facilities at Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs. The works comprised of replacing and refurbishing some dilapidated buildings within the school. DDS were subsequently awarded the asbestos removal, demolition and alteration work as part of this project.


  • Carry out the works over a number of separate visits with extremely tight programme restraints.
  • Confirm isolation of all services prior to undertaking any on site activity.
  • Remove Asbestos from Boiler Rooms, underground ductwork and designated classrooms.
  • Soft strip buildings of all fixtures fittings etc.
  • Install necessary propping.
  • Diamond drilling and sawing.
  • Demolition/separation of 5-storey teaching block attached to live school structures.
  • Site clearance or Boiler/Plant room
  • Engineered backfill to basement area.

Achievements and Successes

  • This was a very technically challenging contract, with complex works at numerous locations across the school. However, superb site supervision and implementation of management processes ensured all works were carried out efficiently, and to our health & safety standards.
  • The programmes on this contact were very tight, which was necessary to ensure as not to delay other packages involved in the project. The complexity of the contract gave it the potential to overrun significantly, however the project was delivered by the agreed deadline and within budget.
  • As the school was live when the works here were carried out, it was necessary that we were allocated tight confines as not to disrupt the day to day operations of the school. This meant extra consideration needed to be allocated to storage of plant/equipment, materials and site logistics as not to clash with school movements.
  • The demolition/removal of the 5 storey teaching block was extremely challenging, as it was attached to live retained buildings (recently refurbished) which were only single storey. Although DDS constructed protective scaffolding to protect the buildings internally and externally from falling debris, the Site team had to demolish the building is such a way as to minimise the risk of damage to the remaining buildings with minimal effects to the operational school.
  • Complete client satisfaction.