Folkestone Harbour Bridges & Nightclub Demolition – Bridge Demolition

Demolition project background

DDS Demolition were awarded the contract for the bridge demolition of two redundant bridges over the disused, listed railway line at Folkestone Harbour in Kent and the former Onyx nightclub.

Our client, Martello Building Consultancy, remains a passionate advocate of Folkestones redevelopment and DDS Demolition were honoured to play a part in the long term plans for the seafront.

The bridge demolition was interesting for both structures – bridge no 1 was dismantled with the precast sections lifted out using a 350t crane and bridge no 2 was a heavy concrete structure with Rebar running throughout therefore required a rigid protective crash deck beneath the bridge to take the weight of a 360 Excavator and effectively protect the listed railway line.

Positive change and investment is planned for Folkestone seafront, over the coming years it will be exciting to watch the rebirth of the once popular destination albeit with – we suspect – a modern and metropolitan twist.




  • Nightclub demolished, and materials processed, using a 360° excavator fitted with a combination of multi-purpose processor, selector grab and bucket attachments.
  •  The basement slab  punctured and the void backfilled / compacted with crushed arisings to approx. 250mm below surrounding ground levels. A 150mm layer of 6F2 then a 100mm base course (AC20) and a tarmacadam finish applied.
  •  Bridge No.1 dismantled and the precast sections lifted out using a mobile crane. Scaffold towers constructed to support the bridge span and provide access for demolition.
  •  Bridge No.2 demolished using a 360° excavator fitted with a multi-purpose processor accessed from a scaffold crash deck constructed above platform level.

Achievements and Successes

  • The nightclub suffered a suspected arson attack from which DDS reacted promptly and out of hours to reduce risk to the public.
  • DDS accordingly amended our Method Statement to account for the revised scope.
  • Despite the incident, programme was unaffected.
  • Bridge 1 was meticulously planned and designed allowing a faultless lift for the main span.
  • Dual purpose crash deck was assembled and struck efficiently without damage to the listed railway line for Bridge 2.
  • All structures demolished safely and ahead of time.
  • The end client and our client, Martello Building Consultancy, were completely satisfied with the project delivery.