Bingo Hall

Demolition project background

The site consisted of a former bingo hall, nightclub, working men’s club, pool hall and office space – large parts of which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The structures were generally 2-storey load bearing brick structures and timber floors, pitched roofs clad with tiles on timber frames.

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Achievements and Successes


  • DDS were not able to access the basement level during tender stage due to asbestos contamination, and there was very limited information regards it due to the age of the structure. Once access to the basement was obtained, DDS identified the risk of structural instability if the demolition method proceeded as intended. Working with the client, DDS employed structural engineers to design a suitable method of propping the basement walls that would not impede the future redevelopment, and adapted our demolition method and sequencing to ensure stability was maintained throughout.
  • The disconnection of the services was arranged by the client’s project managers, however delays on the part of UK Power Networks resulted in the critical date for the disconnection of services being missed. Conscious of the tight programme, DDS worked with the client team to find a way to suitably protect the live services using crash decks in key locations so that the works could proceed as planned.
  • Whilst works were being carried out, an unidentified live electrical cable was discovered beneath the floor slab. DDS cordoned off the area, and worked around the live service whilst UKPN were contacted to arrange for its disconnection.
  • The majority of the structures external elevation’s sat directly on the pedestrian footpath which surrounded the site. DDS installed scaffolding to all such elevations which incorporated gantries to retain public access to footpaths
  • At tender stage, DDS identified high volumes of salvageable material – bricks, floorboards etc. These were quantified, and the value of which credited against our tender offer. The materials were resold back into the industry through our reclamation yard (
  • Despite its prominent location in the heat of Folkestone Town Centre, no complaints from the general public were received.



  • Establish suitable site welfare facilities.
  • Liaise with Martello Building Services (Project Managers) to assist in the disconnection of utility services.
  • Search structures and remove and sharps or drugs paraphernalia.
  • Remove all asbestos containing materials.
  • Erect scaffold clad in monarflex around all sensitive elevations.
  • Demolish structures down to the top of basement slab level.
  • Remove all demolition, rubbish and soft strip materials arising.
  • Leave site in a clean, tidy and safe condition on completion.