Bell Language School

Demolition project background

DDS were contracted by Barratt Eastern Counties to undertake, demolition and site clearance works to the Former Bell Language School in Essex. The site comprised of several buildings of varying construction, including: two storey load bearing brick construction with timber floors and framed roof, a single storey timber framed building with timber cladding and pitched roof. In addition, the main building entailed three stories and was of reinforced concrete construction with concrete slabs and clad with aluminum panels. A basement extended beneath the building due to changes in ground level across the site.

All structures were to be demolished down to under side of slab, foundations broken out and removed.Works included extensive asbestos removal, this was coordinated with the demolition and areas were partially soft stripped to provide access to the areas containing asbestos. DDS site operatives attend annual asbestos awareness training, and are fully qualified and suitably competent in all aspects of asbestos removal.

A live substation remained in operation throughout the duration of the works, live cables running through the site were clearly labelled and operatives were fully instructed of their location at site induction.Various Tree Protection Orders were enforced around the site. The surrounding area included dense residential, a children’s nursery immediately adjacent on the eastern side of the site and a primary school on the northern periphery. Therefore issues such as dust, noise, vibration and vehicle movements alongside all other Health and Safety normality’s were closely and continuously monitored.