Basildon Swimming Pool

Demolition project background

The demolition of the Swimming Pool in Basildon was part of one of the largest regeneration projects in both the Thames Gateway and the UK. There is potential for development of over £1 billion worth of regeneration with the construction of 3,650 homes, 49,000 sq m of retail/leisure, 53,000 sq m of commercial and 4,000 sq m of community use.


  • Establish site welfare facilities.
  • Confirm removal and disposal of hazardous substances .
  • Remove asbestos materials in a safe & controlled manner, in accordance with the Control of Asbestos regulations 2006.
  • Soft strip buildings of all fixtures, fitting and combustible materials.
  • Progressively demolish building using traditional mechanical techniques.
  • Break out ground bearing slab / basement structures.
  • Break out pile caps / ground beams to a depth of 2.00m.
  • Processing and crushing of all granular arisings.
  • Backfill and compact voids with selected crushed arisings.
  • Remove all other demolition, waste and soft strip materials arising to licensed waste recycling centres.

Achievements & Successes

  • Being located adjacent to live Public Parkand a boating pool, dust suppression took precedence when identifying risks at tender stage. A number of measures were implemented to ensure dust was minimised at its source. A dust suppressive method was employed, with sacrificial hoses and fine water mists deployed around the working area. The DDS management  monitored all weather conditions, and would stop all structural demolition work should these be deemed excessively detrimental
  • As the neighbouring recreational areas were live throughout the demolition project, additional risk assessments were undertaken to mitigate any risk to the general public.
  • Over 96% of the projects demolition arisings were recycled.
  • The project was delivered accident free, to the agreed deadline and within the agreed contract sum.