Blog Post: Demolition Contractor – Protecting Your Assets

As a leading demolition contractor, as well as the investment in a good, dedicated and loyal workforce, the other significant investment is in our plant.

When a client appoints their demolition contractor, they become the immediate representation of future activity on that site and as such, should present a professional and competent image. Demolition sites are not renowned for being pristine and shiny, however a contractor that looks after their plant will always make a good impression.

Anyone who knows our Managing Director will be aware of his unwavering high standards with regard to cleanliness, tidiness and diligent upkeep of our vehicles and plant. In fact, it could be argued, the same applies in general – albeit in good humour, woe betide any of us who’d walk into the office with scruffy shoes or odd socks!

Therefore, following the most recent addition of a Komatsu PC 490, we are taking the pride in our fleet one step further.

Taking delivery of the new machine (pre-livery)

DDS Demolition is the first demolition contractor to employ the revolutionary services of Alpha Nano Solutions, a company who deliver superior nanotechnology products to help protect assets from deterioration.

Ordinarily applied to top of the range cars, yachts, aeroplanes and beyond, the product is hand applied to the original paintwork using a nano coating which has been designed to protect and maintain a perfect paint finish even when exposed to the most volatile of conditions.

The technology is not designed to be chip resistant – a busy machine on a demolition site would be an unrealistic notion – however it is intended to help the paintwork retain its lustre following environmentally friendly cleaning with a pH neutral solution or just water.

The proof will be in the pudding though… in 6 months’ time of hard graft on site we will see if DDS Demolition can proudly boast the effectiveness of this advanced technology having led the way for others in our valued industry.