Blog Post: Here come the girls…..

In fact, we’re already here and have been for quite some time.

At present, there seems to be much publicity and promotion surrounding the phenomenon of women in the demolition industry. It is not a phenomenon – it is normal, standard, usual.

Without the research of statistics to demonstrate the ratio of men versus women in every demolition companies’ office etc, I can only comment from first hand experience of our office at DDS Demolition.

The company was founded 40 years ago by husband and WIFE team, Les and Lorraine Ray. Well, there we have our first woman. Since then, the company has grown with historically men on site executing the projects and men and women in the office, supporting and facilitating the operation of the entire company.

In current times, the support network and functions of the women in our office is invaluable. Our Office Manager – Karen – and her female admin team are hugely knowledgeable having supported the Contracts Managers with every aspect of co-ordinating new and managing live projects, assisting the Estimators with tender bids and beyond.

Within our asbestos removal sister company, DDS Environmental, the Operations Managers “right-hand man” is in fact a woman named Demi, yet again her knowledge and capability is fundamental to supporting the company.

Our Accounts team are women. Organised, efficient and longstanding colleagues who, over time have also subconsciously learnt more about demolition than they anticipated.

The Marketing and Business Development Team are all female, liaising with men and women alike in senior positions across our entire client base.

The team at DDS Building Supplies is managed and run by women, co-ordinating the drivers and greeting all customers over the weighbridge.

Jay Preece, DDS Demolition Operations Manager quotes “It is hugely refreshing that more and more women are now also pursuing the “on site” vocations such as machine driving, labouring and site management” following DDS’ recent appointment of a female Trainee Site Supervisor.

However, in truth the women have always been here.

Myself and my female colleagues are fortunate at DDS Demolition, we are all treated equally, regardless of gender. We all have our strengths, we all have our weaknesses but equality and respect as individuals is what drives the company further into the 21st Century with a healthy and fair mindset.

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