Blog Post: Demolition Project Through The Ages

Since our inception in 1977, DDS Demolition has seen what can only be described as an evolution through the ages with each and every demolition project.

Long gone are the days of the revolutionary Fred Dibnah, as masterful as he was, times have changed.

We now live – thankfully – in an era where caution, Health & Safety and the environment takes precedence when considering a demolition project.

Our Chairman, Les Ray, is a great raconteur when it comes to recalling the old school practices and memorable projects.

One demolition project in particular was documented in the Thanet Times in 1978. Downfast Demolition (as we were known back then) was employed to demolish the Queens Hotel in Margate. In those days, the process was more physical as opposed to mechanical – the accompanying picture says it all as Les stands ready and waiting with a dependable mattock! Without a hard hat or Hi-Vis in sight, a robust pair of gloves and obligatory woolly hat were the most protection you could expect.

From humble beginnings and simple methodology our great industry has grown however, technology has developed and those with that rare genius-like engineering mind have embraced this technology and exploited its benefits to execute fine craftsmanship in the dismantling and demolition of structures.

Whether a simple structure or complex, when a demolition contractor has invested in good, solid plant and a knowledgeable, experienced workforce – the art and science of demolition will continue to astonish and impress in equal measure.