Blogpost: DDS Leaders now lead better

Following DDS’ strengthened leadership team, the prerequisite settling in period has now passed with the Chiefs taking full stock of the Indians within their departments.

Their findings thus far? We are a collective team that works. Therefore, rather than trying to improve a currently performing business model, they actually chose to look within themselves to understand and improve their own leadership skills prior to encouraging change and improvement within others.

The team of 8 from the three turnkey components of the DDS Group – DDS Demolition, DDS Contracting and DDS Environmental – wanted to face some honest yet critically constructive truths about themselves and their leadership capabilities. The objective, quite simply, was to acknowledge their individual strengths and weaknesses alongside empathising with and understanding each others too.

Engaging an experienced Business Profiler, the 8 person leadership team that participated included the following personalities summed up in one word to describe each of them;

Confident, decisive, strong-willed, charismatic, contemplative, experienced, considerate and humble – as you can see, a pretty mixed bag of leaders.

Over the course of 8 hours they were metaphorically stripped bare and forced to examine and decipher the inner functions of their brains and thought processes.

They were assessed to eventually understand the four quadrants of their brains –

Left 1, Left 2, Right 1, Right 2.

Each person can identify with the typical personality traits from a combination of the 4 quadrants.

In brief, the left side of the brain works differently to the right, with a further, deeper analysis to the respective quadrant function. For example, a person could be a combination of R1 and R2 or maybe L2 and R1. Each quadrant reflects a typical group of behaviours that affect our day to day decisions and leadership. As an interesting aside, thankfully less than 5% of the population will be a combination of R2 and L1 – in broad terms the “Risk Taker” and “Careful Planner” – unsurprisingly this brain profile is the typical trend of psychopaths!

As with many training exercises, it wasn’t without it’s mildly cringe-inducing moments of role play and the like, however once the inhibitions were left at the door it was clear that every task had its purpose.

So, what was the outcome?

It appears that between our 8 participants, DDS were a very rounded group. Ordinarily within a group the results swing largely one way or the other – left side thinkers or right side thinkers. Owing that both the left and right side respectively deliver pros and cons therefore both sides are equally valuable, the optimum result would be a balance.

Individually, this is the balance to which a Leader would strive to achieve. We were pleased to note that as a group, DDS’ collective result was as balanced as you can get.

Well done to all, it is encouraging to see our Leaders humbly looking to improve themselves before they nurture improvement in the rest of us.