Blog Post: Land of the High Reach

When you think of the 90’s,Take That, Pulp Fiction or Monica Lewinskys dress may spring to mind – but for us “Demolition Folk” we witnessed the steady introduction of the high reach excavator. In the 1970’s, Land & Water began using the first “long reach” machines, but these could only reach down, the arm could not successfully lift up.

To indulge in a spot of nostalgia, and to give due credit to its predecessor, this new breed of demolition excavator thus influenced the near extinction of the once great Wrecking Ball. No longer would the hypnotic yet destructive swing of the forged steel ball be the machine of choice for tall structures. Despite being undoubtedly more entertaining, the industry was ready for an upgrade.

The dawn of the High Reach meant we had greater control over numerous factors – we could reduce vibration, noise and dust pollution significantly, we could salvage and recycle materials more effectively, we could enforce the ever-improving health and safety legislation more efficiently – the list is endless.

DDS own multiple high reach machines and it’s fair to say, I cannot recall the last time I saw one sat in the yard. Our brand of choice is Komatsu and they are busy, reliable work horses. Admittedly, our Machine Drivers look after their babies immaculately – mainly owing to the Managing Directors OCD on pride and caretaking – but these machines are our investment.

The high reach fleet has become and continues to form part of DDS’ history. They played a part in the demolition of Richborough Power Station after the explosion, they arrived en-masse for the demolition of the Melt Shop at Sheerness Steel Mill (alongside a monster Super High Reach), working in sequence with top down demolition they have tickled tower blocks such as the 12 storey Burlington House and inner city 8 storey office block Sovereign Court, safely munching through the remaining levels.

The high reach machines – alongside their competent and experienced drivers – are cementing DDS Demolitions reputation and expertise in the demolition of tall structures.

Long live the Land of the High Reach, we’ll always give you a good home.