Blog Post: Client Guide Demolition Checklist, Edition 2

Blog Post: Client Guide Demolition Checklist

Following on from our 1st edition Client Guide Demolition Checklist published last week, we now bring you the 2nd edition touching upon the Disconnection of Services.

Once more, we have provided a brief snapshot of factors to consider when commencing your demolition project…

….So, I understand the CDM requirements, I have obtained an R&D Survey, I have submitted my Section 80, I have received the Section 81 – what else do I need to organise?

Disconnection of Services

Gas & Electric Disconnection

  • DDS Demolition can assist with this or action on your behalf.
  • Should you opt to organise this yourselves, once DDS are engaged with our client, we will even send a Fact Sheet of actions, websites and telephone numbers to assist you.
  • Once any survey has been carried out, you should receive a date of disconnection (ordinarily around 4-6 weeks).

 Gas & Electric Meter Disconnection

  • DDS Demolition can assist with this also or action on your behalf.
  • Similarly, we would provide the Fact Sheet of requirements and instructions to make this process easier for you.
  • You will need to get the meter removed before the network operators will disconnect the supply.
  • On the day that either the meter or supply are being removed, someone will need to be on the site.

 Water disconnection

  • Many demolition contractors prefer for the water to be left in place on site so that it can be used for welfare purposes.  In our scenario, DDS Demolition will work around the pipes safely.  We will require the location drawings of any pipes before demolition commences (either supplied to us by the client or we will get them for the relevant water supply company).

BT disconnection (or other phonelines)

  • DDS Demolition can assist or action on your behalf.
  • The corresponding Fact Sheet will provide all necessary details.

Throughout both Client Guide Demolition Checklist, Edition 1 and Edition 2, we aim to have conveyed not only some helpful advice but also reassurance that DDS Demolition offer a complete turnkey solution for any demolition project.

Full credit for the above information is owed to our wonderful and hugely knowledgeable Office Manager, Karen Acott. Be sure to follow our next Blogpost, A Day In The Life of: A Demolition Office Manager.