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Blogpost: DDS Leaders now lead better

Following DDS’ strengthened leadership team, the prerequisite settling in period has now passed with the Chiefs taking full stock of the Indians within their departments. Their findings thus far? We are a collective team that works. Therefore, rather than trying to improve a currently performing business model, they actually chose to look within themselves to

DDS at the NFDC Convention 2019

DDS Demolition has been a member of the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) for quite some years now with our senior management team attending the NFDC Convention almost every year. We, amongst many other worthy and exemplary contractors, value the role that the NFDC play in maintaining high industry standards by delivering a continual,


DDS Demolition is recruiting for experienced CCDO Supervisors / Managers. What are we both looking for? You: A professional, skilled, competent team player who works well with others. You take pride in supervising and working within a safe and efficient site and appreciate the responsibility of both respective roles. Us: We are a successful, family run company who

Blog Post: Leading From The Top Down (Demolition)

Top Down demolition is a safe, methodical and contained method of demolition. The appeal is often the steady pace and contained activity, especially when you only have the footprint of the building to work within and especially on high rise structures in urban areas. Therefore typically suited to tall structures with a limited footprint, it

Blog Post: What’s Your Poison?

No, we’re not talking Monkey 47 Gin or Glen Grant Whisky, we’re talking demolition methods. Whether it be the high-octane excitement of explosives or the traditional and rugged process of mechanical demolition, whether you’re watching or operating, we rhetorically and colloquially ask – what’s your poison? With a wealth of knowledge and the weathered faces

Blog Post: The Importance of a Like-Minded Workforce

In our latest Blog Post, we consider; What is the importance of a like-minded workforce? Lets face it, most of us need to work for a living, but would you rather spend 50 years hopping from employer to employer, building bridges, burning bridges and never feeling settled? Or would you prefer to become a part

Blog Post: Land of the High Reach

When you think of the 90’s,Take That, Pulp Fiction or Monica Lewinskys dress may spring to mind – but for us “Demolition Folk” we witnessed the steady introduction of the high reach excavator. In the 1970’s, Land & Water began using the first “long reach” machines, but these could only reach down, the arm could

Blog Post: Here come the girls…..

In fact, we’re already here and have been for quite some time. At present, there seems to be much publicity and promotion surrounding the phenomenon of women in the demolition industry. It is not a phenomenon – it is normal, standard, usual. Without the research of statistics to demonstrate the ratio of men versus women