Author: Carly

DDS Champion the New CCDO Demolition Managers Course

After the Success of pilot scheme which ran at the end of 2010, the National Demolition Training Group released the new 5 day Manager’s course, targeted specifically to management within the Industry. As part of our ongoing commitment to training, DDS began implementing this training among our own workforce by sending Glenn Fullagar (One of

DDS Invest over £1.2million in new plant!

DDS are pleased to announce we have recently taken delivery of our new range of Excavators and attachments, which are currently being implemented on our sites. Having been extremely impressed with their machinery to date, we opted to continue our working relationship with the Japanese Plant giant Komatsu. We have felt their reliability and hardwearing

Specialist Contractor Awards Finalist

“We are delighted to receive such prestigious recognition; we constantly strive to provide an unparalleled level of service within our market, and it is extremely gratifying to be identified for this. Staff from all levels are enthralled to be in this position, and we wait with bated breath and crossed fingers for the final decision!” Wesley Ray,