DDS Demolition understands that quality training generates quality service, and it is this training excellence that underpins DDS’s unrivalled reputation. In order for our company to progress, ongoing training is essential to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Our employee training scheme is ongoing and tailored to the individual. Internal and external courses are scheduled on a regular basis, with workers personal development closely monitored. We aim to assist and encourage each person in achieving their maximum potential.

We believe that although individual progression and growth is important, DDS encourage employees to share their own experiences and knowledge from the training they have undergone to benefit the group as a whole, creating a culture of evolution and progression.

DDS Demolition is audited by external advisors on a regular basis, this ensures our training programmes are innovative and constantly under development.

DDS Demolition’s continued acceptance into the National Demolition Training Group, combined with our Platinum Standard Award from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) confirm we are directing our efforts correctly, and give us the direction to further progress our operatives effectively.  DDS Demolition has been also been awarded the Regional Winner of Investment in Workforce Training and Development by FMB in the Master Builder of the year Awards.